About ME

I’ve been painting things for the last 18 years and finally decided to start sign painting in 2016, since then I’ve painted everything from shop facades, pub signs and narrow boats. I am self-taught and I acquired a HND in Typography which definitively gave me the love for the typographical art.

I’ve painted a wide selection of things. I’ve worked for a varied range of clientele, from the individual to large companies.

I work on Shop frontages, Glass gilding and reverse glass workLettering on render and brickworkMuralsPub swing signsA-boards, Vehicles and Narrowboats.

The craft

So, a little bit about the art of Signwriting, Signpainting or Traditional signwriting. This form of craft has been going for millennia and even though digital vinyl signage took the limelight for a fair few years, it seems that traditional signpainting is making a great resurgence.